Welcome to the Bangist Homepage!


Thanks for visiting our website (well my website as I am the only Bangist at the moment)! Please feel free to browse the pages and leave comments (good or bad). I have been a devout atheist since the age of 9 (I actually went without pocket-money for a whole year as I refused to go to Catholic church). One Friday night after several gin & tonic and rum and coke’s I decided it would be fun to create a religion based primarily on science. The reason for this was that I felt if religious ideas such as creationism could pretend to be scientific then a theory such as the Big Bang could be a religion; hence the religion of Bangism was born.

I hope you take the time to read the pages and give me your comments and ideas. I will take the “Like” of a page to mean I have a new convert to my religion :). If by any chance my ramblings do make sense to anyone out there please forward a link to the page to as many people as possible; I would love to see this insane idea grow and maybe even one day get the Big Bang theory taught in Religous Education classes.

Also if anyone would like to help me run and manage this website I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bangist Homepage!

  1. Quantum physics is the only religion anyone needs. It says the universe is organized as consciousness. If that’s Bangism, then I’m in. But I don’t like the name. Once you’ve got a congregation, you’ve got gang bangism. We’ve got enough of that already. Go with energy!

  2. Ha! I love the concept! I don’t see a Facebook page, do you have one? Would be an excellent addition and a good way to ‘spread the bangin’! lol.

    • Thanks for the Facebook idea Senator Rob Encheatum. I must admit you had me for a while; I actually thought a real Senator liked my idea:)

  3. Will we celebrate with firecrackers?
    Was the universe born on December 25 or February 6?
    Should we change the calendar to 13.6 billion AB?
    How will we accept it if a new prevailing theory denies the Big Bang even makes sense anymore?
    Are you Logic, come down to Earth from the Universe, to lead us?
    Can I be named as a disciple?
    If I deny Bangism on penalty of being stoned, will I have to give up my membership?
    Will there be a Bangism collection plate?
    Can I be the Treasurer?
    How does 1% of every Banger’s income sound?
    Can a Banger treasurer own a Ferrari?
    What if the Banger treasurer is found drunk with a ‘girlfriend’ parked outside of the Banger tabernacle in his Ferrari?
    How many firecrackers should the former treasurer light to regain his place and find forgiveness?

    • Blind disbelief in something is no better than blind belief. Try to form logical counter arguments to what you read here. Explain to me the flaws in the theory and we can discuss.

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