How Did it Start?

As an atheist since the age of nine I could never understand how people could hold such devout beliefs when it came to their religion. However I was a little jealous that they were convinced that after this life they would have another (even better) life. My own belief was that after death the best I could hope for was that the nutrients in my body would be assimilated into another organism (after death I would like to be cremated and my ashes planted under a sapling oak tree).

My afterlife

Me approximately 80 years after my death. I have gained a little weight

Where I live (in the Caribbean) people’s usual response when you tell them you are an atheist is one of disbelief and assumption that because you don’t believe in a god you are some sort of devil-worshiper. The question that usually follows is “If there is no god then who created everything”? My response is that I believe in the Big Bang theory. The big bang theory is the most widely accepted (among scientists) and convincing theory as to the origins of the universe. If you are not familiar with the theory I recommend this website.

Even though I find the Big bang theory to be a convincing explanation for the origins of the Universe my belief in the theory denies me the hope of an afterlife and I am looked down on by those with a religion because I do not have one. Last night as I sat on my patio drinking gin and playing chess I started to think about how religion has started to masquerade as science. For example the Intelligent Design movement spearheaded by groups such as the Discovery Institute campaigns to have religious ideas such as intelligent design taught in school science classes as an alternative to  evolution. It was after quite a few gins that I came up with the idea of a science that masqueraded as a religion. By doing this the Big Bang theory may one day be taught alongside creationist ideas in religion classes.

The basis for the new religion (which I shall name Bangism) is to accept the Big Bang theory as it currently stands and add religious beliefs for the parts that are not yet understood. These beliefs will explain what happened before the Big Bag occurred and what will happen when the Big Bang comes to an end. It will provide followers of Bangism with a religion that is mainly based on science plus the hope of an afterlife.

The problem with being an atheist is that you don't get an afterlife

The problem with being an atheist is that you don’t get an afterlife


9 thoughts on “How Did it Start?

  1. Very interesting article. personally, I see “god” as a title not even befitting a “creator.” I had experienced such thoughts early on, but soon discovered that a lot of these gaps are filled in by careful study of some fo the indigenous spiritual systems. Stay blessed

  2. Thanks Warlock, Does the logic make sense to you? As an ex-atheist the idea of infinite existences really appeals to me as previously I had no hope of an after life.

  3. Without meaning to promote Discovery institute I would suggest that you double-check what they stand for because great deal of them do accept Big Bang theory and use it to further their ideas. They in fact say that Big Bang is so finely tunes that it must have had a blueprint in place of its activation. I.e. if the expansion of Universe was too fast or too slow start that are subsequently created would have been either too big or too small not allowing for the necessary elements to create material that would support life . I have found many of their arguments very persuasive, and if you look closely it is modern scientist who run a mile as soon as any members of the institute invite them for a scientific debate.

    One must be careful to test everything though on both sides of the argument. However I find the scaremongering amongst the opponents of the Discovery institute to be infantile at times and are playground bully tactics.
    I.e. Where they try to intimidate people who may not be so knowledgeable in the hope that majority must rule (This is not a scientific principal but popularity contest) and this is why I have to say your unique approach is so appreciated though I don’t fully agree with every point you make.

    Thank you again and Kind regards
    Defend the Word

  4. I would agree with “defendtheword” comments in regards to the big bang theory and the Discovery Institute. I too, as a Christian, believe the big bang theory is an accurate depiction of how things began to exist and see no conflict with Christianity. I think the big bang theory leans heavily in the favor of a creator…not against it.

  5. This is an interesting idea to entertain…. However, I question your motives, and your title. The Big Bang Theory is exactly that, a theory. It has the potential to be proven wrong at any point in time. Basing a religion on something so apt to change or completely be done away with seems a bit ridiculous to me. But I guess “religion” is an appropriate term for something that ridiculous in the first place. I say this because I wonder; what will you do if we come up with a new theory refuting The Big Bang?

    I don’t mean to poke holes here, I really admire your enthusiasm.

    • The answer to this is explained on the Beliefs and Ideals page. Basically as scientific knowledge advances Bangism will evolve until the gaps filled by religious (belief) explanations are no longer needed.

      • That’s only assuming we build off of the Big Bang Theory. It is not set in stone. Don’t you think it’s dangerous to make such assumptions? I notice you said The Big Bang Theory is a “correct” and continually developing explanation. That contradicts the definition of the word theory. If it were correct, it would no longer be a theory, it would be fact.

      • The fact that we believe the Big Bang theory is correct is why Bangism is a religion. We believe the theory to be true but are willing to change this belief upon further evidence.

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