The Basic Theology

My understanding of the Big Bang theory (and I may be wrong!)  is that in the beginning there was absolutely nothing. Suddenly and for no apparent reason this nothingness exploded. From this nothing matter was created and started to expand outwards creating protons neutrons and electrons which started to form together into elements and then compounds. From this explosion all matter in the universe was created. The explosion continues to expand and thus the universe is in a state of expansion. The theory is the generally accepted explanation for the creation of the universe among  scientists. Although scientists have theories that account and explain the Big Bang after the first (millionth?) of a second they cannot explain how this nothingness could originally explode.

Apparently this is the universe! Smaller than I imagined

Apparently this is the universe! Smaller than I imagined

As scientists are currently unable to explain the point at which nothing could become something this is where the religion and beliefs of Bangism come in. The belief of Bangism is that in the beginning of the universe there was actually something there. Our current universe is in a state of outward expansion but at some point this expansion will stop and the universe will enter a state of contraction. It will continue to contract backwards until all matter in the universe is compressed back to the state it was at the original Big Bang. At this point it explodes as before to create a new Big Bang and a new universe will be created.

Bangists believe that this process of continual expansion and contraction is infinite and that this current universe is not the first universe created. Given that the process is infinite then at some point in the future a universe will exist in which you exist but under differing circumstances. In this life you may never win the lottery but at some time in this infinite process you will! The chances that the exact chain of events that led to your current existence will occur  again is so small as to be almost impossible; however as the process is infinite you will eventually come into existence again and again under differing (or identical) circumstances to your current existence. In some of your future existences your life will be considerably better but in others it will be considerably worse.

Infinity: A suitable symbol for Bangism

Infinity: A suitable symbol for Bangism

Bangists to not believe in a deity type god and consider that God is actually everything in the universe. The question about the origin of the very first universe is answered by believing that the infinite process of universe expansion and contraction is circular in nature and therefore without beginning or end.


13 thoughts on “The Basic Theology

  1. This is really interesting but it doesn’t address Heidegger’s profound question on ‘Why there is something rather than
    nothing’. Also something cannot come from nothing unless you

    begin to explore the via negative in transcendental mysticism-just a thought

  2. Some great points made but would ad that Time plus chance plus variation do not allow for existence they only offer a possibility that actually may not be realised. But overall great thinking I would only insert the issue of repetition is not truly scientific but a guess work that was specifically developed by atheistic scientists in order to explain Big Bang away from its natural conclusion that it confirms the necessity of God.

    Kind regards

    Defend the Word

  3. The native Americans, without the scientific bases that you have, also believed that “god” was in everything, that the trees and the animals and everything that had life was in essence a part of “god”.

    It seems to me that our universe being on an infinity loop is logically inconsistence. Everything that we experience tells us that something does not come from nothing. We are a universe of causality. Why would an infinite uncaused universe contradict itself by manifesting a world of cause and effect?

    • I must admit that the infinity loop part of the idea is the weakest element. I do believe that the idea of the creation of infinite universes after the creation of the first universe is plausible, but how was the first one formed? The arguments for how this could have occurred however are not key to the purpose of Bangism which was to provide a hope of an after life to those who do not believe in a deity type god. The very same concerns you have about the infinity loop Universe theory apply to any deity type god i.e. Where did god come from?

      • True. The infinity of God is one of the more difficult concepts for me to wrap my head around. My question is, even if the universe continues in infinity, how does that give you hope that you will continue in any sense?

      • I don’t believe this universe will carry on into infinity. It will eventually stop expanding outwards and start to contract. Eventually it will reach its state of maximum contraction and the expansion (Big Bang) will start again creating a new universe. It is this process of expansion and contraction that I believe is infinite resulting in the creation of infinite universes. In most of these infinite universes I won’t exist but as the process is infinite I will eventually exist again (an infinite number of times). Some of my existences will be identical to what I am experiencing now whilst others will be very different. Does this make sense?

      • I understand the limitless possibilities of an infinite universe. What I don’t understand is how it is comforting. Unless you have cognizant awareness of who you were at a previous time then you gain nothing more than you have right now. You may have existed in previous universes, but you are totally unaware of those existence so they do not add to your present life at all.

        What gives life value is our attachment to things we love and enjoy and if you can’t remember any of that then I don’t know how knowing you will exist again in the future is a comfort.

      • Just taking the current life experience I have; it has been great but not perfect. I have made some bad decisions and some things have gone wrong that where beyond my control. Just having the hope that in a future existence I will get the opportunity to live this life again with many different event outcomes is comforting and I do not need cognizant awareness of any previous life for it to be so. The possibility that some of my existences will be very different is also comforting in that the belief will help me be a better person in this life; less bigoted and more tolerant and understanding of the lives of others.

  4. @chialphagirl…the idea of “god” existing in everything was not limited to the Native Americans, but may indigenous people. However, it was also understood that “god” and the creator were not the same. A “god” was a force of influence that effected the emotional states of animal, people, and events in the environment that it existed in. These things were measured by the amount of emotional influence they had over environment and place in a pantheon based on such, and to entreat or curb the emotional influence through “worship” in order to fits man’s needs for survival. later this became set in superstition.

  5. Having skipped through your blog I would add these points.
    The universe you postulate is infinitely regressive – your answer to the problem of a first cause is to envision a previous first cause and so on ad infinitum, ie not an answer at all. It ends up looking a lot like the Hindu creation explanation without a named deity and a nod in the direction of reincarnation. It also doesn’t get over the Kalam cosmological argument which theists use to stick in a god using a classic argument from ignorance. This position also begs the question of what created the god/incredibly powerful intelligence that created the universe. Explanations such as the North American indian woo-woo reflect most animist, even ancient Greek interpretations of nature. We are creatures of the universe we evolved in and demand answers to why and how questions, ever eager to have cause and effect explanations which aren’t necessarily forthcoming or even appropriate when considering the nature of the universe at the point of the big bang.
    I am prepared to accept the position of “I don’t know but hope that one day our species will work it out”. An explanation without evidence isn’t an explanation at all. Personally I like the regression suggested by Isaac Asimov’s short story ‘The Last Question’.
    You state that before the universe there was absolutely nothing. I am no physicist but I don’t believe that is how physics regards ‘nothing’. Check out Lawrence Krauss A Universe from Nothing on youtube.
    Finally, why call ‘everything in the universe’ god? why not call it ‘everything in the universe’, god has such baggage it is actually useless as a description of anything other than a theist’s deity.

    • Thanks for your comments Beck. Whatever explanation you give for the beginning of the universe will always be subject to the question “But what was there before that?” If you believe in a deity you can always be asked where did he/she/it come from? Given that the question itself is infinite in nature it is not surprising that the best answer to it involves the concept of infinity. I agree that the idea of an infinity loop for the creation of universes is a weak argument but it is the best I have heard. The purpose of Bangism was not so much as to explain the origins of the universe but to give hope of an after life to people who do not believe in heaven or reincarnation. The belief in infinite universes does this quite logically. With regard to calling everything in the universe god, I totally agree, call it the universe!

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