Beliefs & Ideals

Bangist’s hold the following Beliefs:


The universe is composed of positive energy and negative energy in equal balance.

  • Humans and all other life is made from particles of exploded stars.
  • The Universe is everything, there is nothing outside of the universe and it is not part of something larger. It is a closed system in the sense that it does not gain or lose energy. It obeys Einstein’s  Law of Conservation of energy.
  • The Big Bang theory is a correct and continually developing explanation for how the universe was formed. Bangist’s accept the current thinking and any further scientific developments of the theory.
  • The Universe is weightless.
  • The lack of explanation in the Big Bang theory as to how the Big Bang initially occurred can be explained by the existence of previous universes that had contracted into an almost infinitely small space.
  • The first universe was created from nothing by nothing.
  • The current universe is not the first nor the last universe but is one in a chain of infinitely occurring  universes.
  • Given that the creation and destruction of universes is infinite then at some point in the future we will exist again.
  • In previous and future existences the exact circumstances of our existence will be different.
  • If something has occurred before then it can occur again.
Infinity: A suitable symbol for Bangism

Infinity: A suitable symbol for Bangism

Bangist’s have the following ideals based on the belief that future existences will be slightly different to our current:

  • Bangists do not discriminate against any other person based on race, sexuality, or beliefs.
  • The purpose of your current existence is to enjoy it as much as possible without hurting anyone else.
  • The Big Bang theory should be taught in religion as an alternative to creationism.

One thought on “Beliefs & Ideals

  1. Hi, Thanks for inviting me to your blog, Several things I would like to comment on your blog. Very intrigued by your approach (that is a positive)

    I would suggest that string theory is just that a theory that could not be confirmed and therefore I could not accept it as scientific (By the definition of science, it belongs in the section of faith and theoretical not practical science) secondly it only moves the important question to the next universe or different time, it does not answer the ultimate question of the beginning itself.

    There are creationists who accept Big Bang; it is young earth creationists that disagree with this concept. (I would suggest that most Christians in Western Europe hold on to both Big Bang and Creation without finding it to conflict.
    Glad to see people who are not satisfied with just one kind of answer

    Kind regards
    Defend the Word

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