Commonly Asked Questions

Is Bangism really a religion?

There are many different definitions of the term religion. Although Bangism does not worship a Deity figure it is a religion in that it provides answers to explain our existence and explains what happens after we die. The explanations given cannot be proven nor dis proven and are therefore a religious belief.


Is Bangism just another form of Atheism?

Bangism is different from Atheism in that followers of the religion believe in an afterlife.


Is Bangism just a science?

Bangists accept currently accepted scientific thinking. They believe that humans and all other live resulted from the evolution of earlier simpler animals. They do not accept Intelligent Design as a valid theory. Bangists do not believe in Creationism and accept the Big Bang Theory as it currently stands. Bangists are however aware that current scientific theories on the Big Bang theory cannot explain how the explosion actually occured. The theory explains how the universe was created from after the first billionth of a second but does not explain how a universe  can be created from nothing. Because Bangists explain the initial instance of the Big Bang with a non provable theory it is a religion.


Bangists belief in an afterlife depends upon the infinite creation and destruction of universes. How can you say this process will be infinite?

Einsteins law on the conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only converted from one form to another. This is an accepted scientific law. Therefore all the energy that makes up the universe will be constant in the next universe. Since no energy is lost or gained the process of universe creation will be infinite.


Why Bother creating a religion that has no deity and is almost entirely science based?

To give scientists a hope of an afterlife that can be reasoned logically. To create a religion that will stand up to logical criticism and provide answers to some of the questions not yet answerable by science.


What happens if scientists prove that this is not how the universe was created?

Bangism will evolve its theories and beliefs as scientific thought progresses. Once scientists are able to explain everything in the universe there will be no need for religion.


How many followers does the religion have?

At present not very many but it is hoped that as people think about the logic of this religion more will follow.




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