What religion are you?

I found a very interesting site on the internet that uses a series of faith/belief related questions to determine what religion best suits your beliefs. After completing the quiz the religion that bests suits my beliefs (for some reason they don’t include Bangism!) is Unitarian Universalism. I need to read up more on this religion as I have never heard of it. Click here to take the quiz. It would be interesting if after taking the quiz you posted your results here stating what your current religion is and what religion the quiz said best matches your beliefs.


2 thoughts on “What religion are you?

  1. It said I was Orthodox Quaker – Religious Society of Friends . I was raised Pentecostal Christian and that is the denomination I probably most closely identify with but that was not one of the listed options. It seems that there is not one specific set of beliefs for Orthodox Quakers so I could probably fit in with them somewhere.

  2. definitely an atheist here. though your universalism was number three on mine. Quaker came up high in mine as well. we are a war tired people so pacifism should probably rate high among many.

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